“Marine Manufacturing is just the continuation of an ancient craft that is both alluring and dynamic. It offers any individual room for personal and professional growth with an ever-expanding marketplace and global community. And while steeped in long standing traditions and time-tested practices, new materials and construction techniques make the field very challenging and well worth the rewards. That’s why I love this field…”

– Steven Karcz Design Engineer, Marquis Yachts

Our Initiatives

    Attracting, recruiting and training a highly skilled workforce.
    Shipbuilding is a challenging business that requires a skilled workforce. The purpose of this initiative is to attract and train individuals to be productive in shipbuilding trades and important supporting areas such as marine design. As part of this initiative, the region’s marine manufacturers are working closely with the region’s technical colleges and universities to develop and improve curricula to assure that workers can obtain training required to succeed in shipbuilding.
    Promoting the North Coast region as a center of marine manufacturing excellence.
    If someone is considering building a ship, yacht or boat, we want them to think of the North Coast. The purpose of this initiative is to increase national and international visibility of the existing and growing capabilities of the North Coast shipbuilding and yacht/boat building industries, as well as those of the marine manufacturing supplier base within the region.
    Developing the supply chain both in and outside the region.
    Material costs make up a large portion of overall shipbuilding cost. The purpose of this initiative is to leverage the joint buying knowledge and power of the region’s marine manufacturers in order to reduce material costs and thereby improve competitiveness. This includes sharing of supply base knowledge and working to develop and attract additional marine manufacturing suppliers to the region.
    Sharing best practices for operational process improvement.
    There are many processes that together produce ships, yachts and boats, from design and engineering through production and testing. The purpose of this initiative is for North Coast marine manufacturers to share best practices in key operational areas so as to continuously improve productivity and competitiveness.
    Strengthening industry-government relations.
    As with many other industries, government relations are important for the success of the North Coast marine manufacturing industry. The purpose of this initiative is to increase the awareness of government decision makers at local, state, and national levels of the importance and positive impact of marine manufacturing on the North Coast region.