“I started working in the shipbuilding industry 27 years ago.  I attended my first launch with much excitement.  When I saw that beautiful ship slide down into the water, I was hooked for life.  It is a great pleasure to work in an industry that continues to improve and yet has time honored traditions it still holds true.  I have attended many launches now, and I still have goosebumps every time I see one of our ships christened and she begins her life in the water.  We shipbuilders take great pride in our work, and every time you get to see one of “your” ships, you understand why.”

Doreen Nasgovitz
Production Scheduler, Marinette Marine Corporation


Burger Boat Launches
  • Burger 50 Cruiser
  • Cruise Vessel for Chicago
  • Blue 48 Cruiser
  • Northland 103′ 06″ (31.5M)
  • Lady Gayle Marie 140 FT (43M)
  • Sea Owl 142 FT (43M)
  • Sycara IV 151 FT (46M)
  • To-Kalon 101 FT (31M)
  • Iingot 153 FT (47M)
  • Hull 505 & 506 127 FT (38M)
Cruisers Yachts Launches/News
  • 38 GLS
  • 46 Cantius
  • 42 Cantius
  • 50 Cantius
  • 54 Flybridge
  • 60 Flybridge
  • 54 Cantius
Fincantieri Marine Group (Ace Marine, Bay Shipbuilding, Marinette Marine) Launches/News
  • Self-unloading Barge Delivered to VanEnkevort Tug & Barge Inc.
  • Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding delivers new year-round ferry for Washington Island Fleet
  • Littoral Combat Ship – St. Louis LCS 19
  • Response Boats – 182 RB-Ms
  • Littoral Combat Ship – USS Minneapolis-St. Paul LCS 21
  • Great Lakes Bulk Carrier
  • Articulated Tub Barge Unit – Kirby ATB

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